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Tokyo Inkarami

Tokyo Inkanami - Tokio IE Oil 100ml

Tokyo Inkanami - Tokio IE Oil 100ml

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 One of our favorites, much more than an oil…

Super lightweight with no hint of heaviness, it is a regenerating treatment that also stimulates hair growth and gives exceptional shine without feeling sticky when used. A unique oil that makes your hair incredibly light and soft at the same time. Equipped with UV protection, it protects your hair from the harmful effects of the sun.

It consists of Moringa oil, lactone of plant origin (rapeseed) and fullerene which make this oil an extraordinary regenerating treatment.

You will never be able to do without it again.

One pressure only on damp hair, to distribute over the lengths and ends. This product is thermoactive, it is therefore recommended to have a heat input (hair dryer) to fully benefit from its effects.

It is possible to combine it with other leave-in products, in this case, use it last.

How often ? After each wash.

All Hair Types
✓ Hassle-free maintenance
✓ 100x more moisturizing than traditional CMC
✓ 3x more heat protection

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