The first UV protective Hair & Scalp care

Just like the skin of our face, UV rays accelerate hair & scalp ageing and amplify most concerns: hair loss, microbiome imbalance, breakage, frizz, colour loss … Yet, UV protection is only promoted seasonally.At Abyssian, we believe UV protection should be an integral part of your daily care routine - to give your hair and scalp the future it deserves.

At abyssian we recognise the importance of caring for your hair and scalp like you care for your skin. And that Nature is the most prolific source of biocompatible ingredients benefitting our hair and scalp. Our name abyssian is derived from nature: the gift that keeps on giving.abys: nM.(greek) endlesssian: Nf.(arabic) nature's gift.

Founded by French duo Sebastien Morin and Thierry Mandonnaud.After each becoming fathers to 2 girls with long, knotty hair, we both realised the need for cleaner, more protective, efficient and sustainable hair routines. Daily UV protection has become a staple for skincare users (and dedicated fathers!), but UV-induced hair & scalp damage is not yet well understood. We aim to change that.