Believe in what your hair can be.


“When nothing else works, KERASILK will.” That’s the reputation KERASILK has built over our 40-years history of innovation. They had been a pioneer in the use of silk in hair care, and are pioneering once again to meet and exceed today’s expectations regarding high-performing and sustainable professional hair care.

They are proud that by leveraging the latest developments in biotechnology, their newest products are 100 % vegan, certified climate neutral and by far their most environmentally friendly, responsible and effective yet.

At KERASILK they believe that our best self is ahead of us. Not behind. This is why, they are committed to the search for sustainable and superior alternatives to traditional hair care ingredients, environmentally friendly packaging components, and energy-saving manufacturing procedures to continue their journey to a more sustainable future.



They are conscious about our carbon footprint. This is why all KERASILK products have been certified climate neutral by ClimatePartner.

To become climate neutral they measure our carbon emissions, actively reduce them as much as possible and compensate any remaining ones to zero.

Being committed to climate neutrality, they will be continuously reducing their carbon emissions in the future.


They leverage 40 years of experience and the latest developments in biotechnology to pioneer highly effective, planet friendly and vegan ingredients & formulas.

They only use high-quality ingredients from sustainable sources and commit to full transparency of our ingredients including our fragrances.

Whenever possible They use ingredients from natural origin and strive for the highest possible ratios of biodegradability.
They are committed to a minimalistic and environmentally friendly packaging and design approach and are continuously working on:

- reducing the amount of packaging materials & waste
- increasing the amount of recycled components & materials in our packaging
- increasing the recyclability of our packaging materials
- developing innovative, forward-thinking sustainable packaging design solutions