The art of concentrating plants to the extreme. 



The story of Patrick Ales

The story of 2 passions: plants and hair While styling the biggest celebrities and crowned heads of the world in his own hairdressing salon located in one of the most exclusive Parisian districts, PATRICK ALÈS discovered the power of plants.

He acquired a few years earlier an old house in the south of France. Up there, in the attics, he finds old jars containing oils and dried plants preserved by the former owner, a healing herbalist.

And while he made a name for himself with scissors and a little later with the brushing he invented in 1964, PATRICK ALÈS was already thinking about relieving the hands of his shampooers, damaged by certain aggressive products. He concocts his first hair care alone in his garage, with the help of his wife, by mixing plants in an old baker's mess. With a motto that will never leave him: " primum non nocere " (first do no harm).

And a conviction: if plants have cosmetic virtues for the skin, they necessarily have them for the hair.

But he knows it, it remains to be proven!

Hence the scientific approach he took with the invention of PHYTOTHERATHRY and the creation two years later of PHYTOSOLBA Laboratories.

The PHYTO signature

PHYTO develops its formulas with carefully selected plant extractions. PHYTOSOLBA Laboratories produce their "in-house" plant extractions themselves with their own techniques and know-how that make these extracts unique and give them exceptional performance.

This extraction method makes it possible to solubilize all the beneficial components from the flowers, leaves, roots and bark to obtain particularly active formulas.

Exceptional concentrations of active ingredients

When a classic cosmetic formula, shampoo or care, contains water as a formulation base, PHYTO replaces this water with decoctions of plants to obtain unique formulas, even more concentrated for maximum effectiveness.

These very high concentrations of active plant molecules guarantee the highest performance of treatments without compromising their perfect tolerance.

The formulas act without aggressiveness, gently and effectively in order to respect each type of hair.