Helen B

Honest, transparent and cheerful; that's helen b.


Helen b stands for Helen Blanchaert - a cheerful forty-something with a great creative talent from Ghent. Helen draws, designs and creates everything that makes daily life more enjoyable and fits into her universe. She loves traveling, eating out or exploring with her husband Peter and their two daughters. She prefers to dream away to desert blues music in the company of a good mug coffee.



Your smile is what helen b is all about. Whether you are sipping a coffee at work or enjoying breakfast with the family.

The thread running through the entire collection are the creations with figures and quotes in the typical drawing style of Helen Blanchaert that can brighten up your day. Whether that is on porcelain, textile or paper is of no importance.

As long as it can be used in your daily life and brings a smile to your face.


helen b's collection is handmade as much as possible, always with respect for people and nature. Helen itself always follows all production processes closely.

To this day, a large part of the collection is made in a sheltered workspace where the brand also contributes to the social economy.

Production processes abroad are also thoroughly examined and considered whether they fit in with the brand's values.