We are eco conscious

At the heart of Mona Rosa is a passion for unique and beautifully crafted things. We take our time to find the best quality haircare products, unique handmade pieces for your home and one of a kind jewellery, bags and accessories.


We take great care sourcing our brands.


For haircare we strive to find brands with the most innovative quality ingredients, that are as kind to our planet, as to our hair. In pursuit of a cruelty-free world, all of our haircare brands are opposed to and do not engage in any form of animal testing.


Our interior products feature handmade pieces and sustainable materials like flax, linen and OEKO certified cottons. We also work with brands who ensure their production methods respect the people, use responsible supply chains and care about every aspect of their business.


As a business we are constantly looking to minimize our impact on the planet. We are conscious of our impact on the environment. So far we have implemented recycling, LED lighting, a water saving filter and have switched to paperless billing. We also only use eco-cleaning products on our premises. We are constantly updating our practices to minimise our business footprint.