Bliss Paris

Jewelry that is meaningful, timeless and durable.

Bliss Paris 

A designer by trade, the founder of BLISS has a passion for vintage pieces, travel, and jewelry. Her focus is on the stories behind each piece, imagining their past lives. She is moved by broken medals and jewelry that are forgotten in flea markets.

Four years ago, she came up with an idea to bring these items back to life by reworking and assembling them to convey their stories and restore their protective powers.


The sharing of beliefs, know-how, eras, and origins.

Ecological Commitment

Working with existing resources, limiting supplements, sourcing sustainably, promoting recycling, and zero waste in all aspects of her work, including packaging, staging, communication stances, and collaborations.


A unique creative approach for each piece of jewelry, following an inspiration line. She transmits her very personal universe in all her work.

She believes that giving new life to jewelry that has already been worn and cherished by personalizing them is a better alternative to overconsumption. She is a part of the “slow-fashion” movement and prefers quality over quantity. This is her way of paying homage to our stories, past generations, and rediscovering the pleasure of unique and meaningful pieces.

We all need charms, talismans, lucky charms, medals, religious or pagan, historical or family, which protect and soothe us. We all have our beliefs, our personal pantheon. She is here to remind us of that.