WEAT - We Eat Avocado Toas

One bag. Many ways. Learn "How to WEAT".

The name WEAT is short for "We Eat Avocado Toast“ and aims to charm a generation of go-getting, game-changing, travel-loving women around the globe. 

The label embodies all things feminine, functional and fashion forward. It offers a fresh generation of designs in a variety of styles and colors, using high-end materials and getting every detail right. 



Sustainability has been a part of WEAT Studios mission since we started making the first design bag in 2017 and it still is. Even though they are far from perfect, they are committed to challenge their efforts as much as possible for a more sustainable future.

For them, sustainability means high quality, durable and long-lasting materials in combination with well-thought-out designs that are as circular as possible. In other words: they want their customers to purchase with a purpose and buy something that can be loved & worn, season after season.

They start with versatility, classic silhouettes and end with fashionable design elements. Their intent is to design more than just a pretty bag.  The clip on, clip off details are designed to give pieces maximum versatility and styling flexibility.

For work, play, travel – their bags are designed to accompany you from summer to winter, day to night, Hong Kong to Hawaii and from now to forever. They want every single bag they make to live a life as long as possible, so they prioritize quality and functionality to give pieces a long-lasting function with all its different ways to use and wear it.



  • Going against the fast fashion cycle 

They do not believe in fast fashion trends. They believe in designs that are fashionable yet seasonless and remain in our collection. This helps reduce waste at the end of each season cycle. 

  • Maximizing on quality

All their products are made from high quality materials that can last you a lifetime. They produce designs with the goal to be loved and kept in your closet rather than end up on a landfill.

  • Producing small batches

They produce small quantities for each style and then remake them based on customer demand. This way they avoid having high overstock.

  •  Wasting less

When it comes to their leathers they try to waste as little as possible, they always use left-over sample leathers and off-cuts to make small leather goods. 

  •  Avoiding sales

With no overstock, there is no necessity for sales. They rarely do sales and believe in a fair price-quality ratio.

  • Controlling quality

They strive to offer products that stand the test of time. They maintain a high standard of quality in doing multiple quality checks before fulfilling each order.


At WEAT Studio they believe in conscious production and producers.
Conscious Production

Their concept is to produce small quantities for each style in their collections, they reorder quantities based on customer demand. This way they avoid having high overstock. With almost no overstock, there is no necessity for sales. They rarely do sales and believe in a fair price-quality ratio.

Conscious Producers 
They work with a tannery that is committed to conserving the environment, sustainability is at the core of their identity. Furthermore, their eco-friendly leather tannery is well known for their LITE (Low Impact To the Environment) manufacturing concept. 


  • Their shopping bags are made from 100% organic waste.
  • Their dust bags are designed with a fabric that is made from recycled plastic bottles.
  • They are committed to using sustainable packaging papers that are FSC certified and printed with soy ink.
  • They use eco-friendly carton boxes to ship our parcels.
  • They are registered for paperless shipping and use this shipping method wherever we can.
  • They cut and reduce plastic waste as much as possible during the manufacturing and shipping phase.