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Soufiane Zarib

Soufiane Zarib - Rug/Carpet (Model 1)

Soufiane Zarib - Rug/Carpet (Model 1)

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The Beni Ouarain rug originated in the mountainous regions of the Middle Atlas in Morocco by the Aït Ouarain tribes.

The Beni Ouarain Moroccan rug in soft and thick natural wool. All of the wool is hand-spun and sourced from local berber sheep. The colors are derived from natural dyes, many of which are indigenous to Morocco It is now very popular for the sleek and minimalist style it offers and for its aesthetics and the comfort it provides.
We take great pride in working with the highest quality materials and upholding authentic methods so that each piece produce is unique, just like you.

Material : Composition 100% Wool
Size : 220x143cm

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