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Morphee - Meditation Speaker for kids

Morphee - Meditation Speaker for kids

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This small meditation box helps children fall asleep.

Promotes deep and restful sleep, as well as helping your child to find calm at the end of the day. From 3 to 10 years old. 128 soothing mediation journeys, 16 nature sounds, 32 meditation recordings, 16 gentle pieces of music.

Thanks to the small keys, your child can operate them themselves and choose the theme of their meditation session. A small button on the side will allow them to choose the duration of the session (short or long). Language(s) : English, German, Spanish

Speaker and jack, Micro USB charger, Duration of the session: 8 or 20 minutes, 100% disconnected: no waves and no screen.

Height : 11 cm, Width : 18 cm, Thickness : 7 cm Weight : 0.6kg

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