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HOLISTÆ - Botanical Purifier and Sanitizer 100ml

HOLISTÆ - Botanical Purifier and Sanitizer 100ml

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Kills viruses, germs ans bacteria 

This product aims to protect against contamination from viruses and bacteria by effectively combining powerful, natural and effective ingredients; mist into the air or apply directly onto the skin. The claimed benefits and virtues are aroma-therapeutic and para-pharmaceutical.
This product is not intended as a substitute for medicine, nor does it claim to cure, but effectively protects from contamination by air or contact against viruses, germs and bacteria. The Aloe Vera leaves skin feeling moisturized and soft.

- EXTREME EFFICIENCY: more powerful than competitor(s)
- SAFETY PROTECTION: provides longer-lasting protection than basic
hydro alcoholic gels
- NATURAL INGREDIENTS: no petrochemicals, no parabens, hypoallergenic
- PLEASANT TO USE: Yuzu Fragrance: delivers pleasant aroma

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