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Gas Bijoux

Gas Bijoux - Scaramouche studs earrings gold

Gas Bijoux - Scaramouche studs earrings gold

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The symbolic power of beetles embodied in Gas Bijoux's Jewelry

The beetle has been a powerful symbol of luck and protection in many cultures for centuries. In ancient Egypt, the scarab beetle was worshipped as a symbol of rebirth and immortality. The ancient Greeks saw the beetle as a symbol of transformation and renewal. In today's culture, the beetle is often seen as a symbol of good luck and fortune.

Gas Bijoux has taken this ancient symbol and turned it into a beautiful piece of jewelry. These gold plated beetle stud earrings are both delicate and intricate, with every detail of the beetle's body engraved into the metal. Wearing these earrings is not only a fashion statement, but also a nod to the power of the beetle as a symbol of good luck and protection.

Whether you believe in the power of lucky charms or not, there's no denying the beauty and craftsmanship of these earrings. They make a perfect addition to any jewelry collection and are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Length : 1,1 cm
Width : 0,7 cm

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